Saturday, November 25, 2006

Como Estas Elena la Bonita?

Dear Elena,
Como estas? I hope you always in the best health. How about your work now? Oh elena, since I back from Korea I always feel quilty with you. From the deepest of my heart, I am very sorry that I have told or called you with something "Not good to say" for a lady like you. Sorry again. Will you forgive me Elena, please?

BTW, here I attach our picture, as I promised to you that I will send it. did You know, I show up it to my students' and what they say? Wow Mr. are you little bit crazy? I said Why? What agood lucky you are? you have a new girlfriend from abroad and likean Holywood actrees. I feeling sad Elena to hear it, because allmy students' didnt know with what I am doing to you.

Ok Elena I hope you will reply this mail, Let us keep ourfriendship, send my regard to allChilian team (Leo, Ben, janet, Nayaret, Marcela, martha).

Please forgive me
Rudi, Inyoman


  1. hello Rudi,
    I'm Benja-roong from Chile. Fistly congratulations for ur blogsite, excellent job!!! I will assure Elena ("Betty") will reply your post very soon, my brother.
    I'm happy you are blogger as I am... I have one made for my Schools and projects here

    if u happen to visit say hello there..How is your team's work on your projects? We are working hard here cause we have to meet in 15 days in a city of my country with 03 Ministry's Offices..and say what we need to continue this nice work with Apec's Alcobs.
    Well brother, I wish you are fine and well and if you see the rest of all Indonesian friends give my regards and warm "salam".

  2. Thanks Ben, till now Elena not yet give respon or reply my mail. I hope you will help me to encourage her for it.

  3. Hi Rudi I'm Elena from Chile. Don't worry 'cause I'm not mad with you on the contrary it was really great to meet you and all your partners I really hope someday we can meet again in the meantime I will keep in touch with you but I don't have your mail. So whenever you have time write me. All the best for you and your family,

  4. Hi Elena, what is ur mail? My mail is
    Try this soon as possible


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